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Parking is one of the important moments for motorists. Reliability, low cost, round the clock work makes the hotel always attractive for caravanning. In the hotel "Inter-Sukhum" parking is free.







This abbreviation is known by everyone and everywhere. On the whole territory of the hotel complex, the Internet is reliable and fast. In the room, in the lobby, in the catering complex or in the cozy summer cafe in the yard - everywhere you can communicate and receive the necessary information of excellent quality. We draw your attention to the fact that, since recently, Wi-Fi has become free for our guests! For more information, contact the hotel administrator.







Souvenir shop

Be on vacation and come back without souvenirs - never! A wide assortment of souvenirs from Abkhazia and silver jewelry will always remind you of the rest in the "Land of Soul."








ATM, terminals.

It is convenient, when the hotel has an ATM, serving international cards and terminals in order to replenish the balance on the phone. The guest can only bring cards and phone.







Hall of Celebrations

The area of the main hall is 550 sq. m. m., designed for simultaneous maintenance of up to 700 people. There is a main entrance, utility rooms for maintenance, a barbecue area for cooking national dishes. There are any options for service, cooking and service. There is a heating and conditioning system.

The hall has the opportunity to conduct all kinds of celebrations, various banquets, receptions, corporate events, exhibitions, conventions.

The celebration hall is waiting for you.





Conference room services

The conference hall can simultaneously accommodate up to 50 people. There are tables with chairs, sound equipment, a screen with a projector. A separate outdoor air conditioner will always create a comfortable microclimate. Complex offer: accommodation, conference services, coffee break, cozy infrastructure always makes any event pleasant.